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The Ultimate cord-cutting Modality that is Revolutionizing the energy Healing Industry.

How bad do you want to

untangle your life?

Are you willing to take responsibility of your stories and create an unlimited future? If you answered YES, you are in the right place.

To RECOVER YOUR POWER AND RESTORE YOUR SYSTEM, those Energy Entanglements will need to be untangled, separated, and released to align and clear the distorted data transmission. Spiritual Divorce® will help you remove and decode as many energy entanglements that are needed to restore and step into your wholeness, giving you the freedom you would like to see and feel in your life.

Let’s Discover and have Fun!

Click on one or more aspects of your life you may feel Entangled with…

Start Who or What am I Entangled with… ...with OTHER? ...with a THING? ...with a PLACE? ...with a TRAUMA? ...with a PET? ...with a PERSON?


  • Have you tried traditional therapy and felt something was missing?

  • Are you in an endless loop of receptive thoughts and patterns?

  • Love you can’t forget?

  • Grief you can’t release?

With the right tools and guidance, you will ignite the power to be the creator of your destiny by untangling, pulling and releasing your expired stories.

During your Spiritual Divorce® treatments, Joyce creates awareness of your distorted realities, pushes you beyond your entanglements, and breaks the cycle of your repetitive patterns. Combining a step-by-step protocol that she has developed that will shake you to make you.

The Ultimate Cord-Cutting Modality


Unleash your true potential in 3 easy steps

Untangle and Unscramble

untangle, all Energy Entanglements ever shared with (person, place, thing, death, business, home, family, pet, story, trauma, form of entanglement). When you untangle a story, you put in order and undo the chaos (data) causing the incoherency between the bonded links. You will integrate the lesson the entanglements have left as a gift for you. You upgrade your self a different destiny.

Pull and Pluck

I pull, all Soul Web Entanglements ever shared with (person, place, thing, death, business, home, family, pet, story, trauma, form of entanglement). The word pull means to unplug the attachment from the root, similar like pulling a weed from the ground. IT IS THE ULTIMATE CORD-CUTTING MODALITY. This allows the entangled connection to release from your mind, body, energy and soul as you forgive and create freedom.

Release and Free

I release, all harmful memories ever shared with (person, place, thing, death, business, home, family, pet, story, trauma, form of entanglement). When you release you neutralize and allow the foreign energy to release as you make space for a new creation. Re-programing and setting free your entanglement.



Some of the great benefits you could experience
with our Methodology:

‣ Transform self-imposed limitations into
‣ Clear trauma.
‣ Ignite your inner awareness.
‣ Feel UNTANGLED and liberated.
‣ Recouperate your lost power.

Joyce Haddad

She is an Untangling expert specializing in spiritual psychology. Has seen over 1000 clients throughout her career, and is the creator of  “Spiritual Divorce®,” a powerful Quantum UNTANGLING Method that can be applied to yourself and others. Joyce is a bilingual (English & Spanish) FIU graduate who earned her degree in psychology in the USA offering her knowledge and expertise in trauma work, energy and voice alchemy, metaphysics, behavior, energy reprogramming, entrepreneurship. This has led her to devote her passion to her mission for over 20 years in the field of complementary, quantum, and alternative medicine.

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