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Unlocking the Essence of the Entanglement Letter

Unravel Complex Emotions

Start Who or What am I Entangled with… ...with OTHER? ...with a THING? ...with a PLACE? ...with a TRAUMA? ...with a PET? ...with a PERSON?


This process you are about to embark on prompts you to dive deeper into yourself and your connections, through different timelines of memory, from childhood to adulthood, where we examine significant life events, relationships, traumas, current challenges, and emotions without judgment or overthinking, offering you an opportunity for profound self-reflection and understanding. Many times our experiences stay on the back burner, and we move through life carrying unfinished business that affects how we love, think, feel, speak, how we make money, our relationships, our mood, and our capacity to live a higher potential for ourselves. 

But when we take responsibility for how our life experiences have shaped us until now, something magical occurs. There is no more blame or pain, and we turn our pain into wisdom. The letter should serve as a raw expression of life’s journey, illustrating how experiences shaped emotions and influenced beliefs. 

Please, be patient as we begin this journey.


To begin, create a peaceful environment free from distractions, allowing the mind to focus solely on the writing process.

Handwrite the letter to stimulate cell memories and activate the brain’s frontal lobe. Let memories flow freely, capturing attachments, patterns, and beliefs internalized over time.

Write about dynamics experienced growing up, relationships, and impactful events, including attachments, conflicts, and active memories with significant figures.

Write about lovers, exes, countries, secrets, parents, homes, businesses, religion, abuse, past lives, friends, soulmates, bullies, womb memories, teachers, conflictive patterns, drama, abandonment, and anything else that comes up.

Approach the writing process with openness and honesty, avoiding ambiguous words like “I don’t know” or “maybe.”

Focus on feelings rather than thoughts, as the first instinct is often the most accurate.

Upon completion, reflect on discoveries made. Consider identified patterns, behaviors, and beliefs, and question their origins.



‣ Handwriting strongly recommended

Free write without re-reading

Follow your thoughts in no specific order

You may jump from one memory to another

There is no right or wrong

‣ Allow your words and memories to flow without looking back

‣ No self-judgment allowed

Joyce Haddad

She is an Untangling expert specializing in spiritual psychology. Has seen over 1000 clients throughout her career, and is the creator of  “Spiritual Divorce®,” a powerful Quantum UNTANGLING Method that can be applied to yourself and others. Joyce is a bilingual (English & Spanish) FIU graduate who earned her degree in psychology in the USA offering her knowledge and expertise in trauma work, energy and voice alchemy, metaphysics, behavior, energy reprogramming, entrepreneurship. This has led her to devote her passion to her mission for over 20 years in the field of complementary, quantum, and alternative medicine.

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