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The Shift Online (3-DISCOVERY SESSIONS / 90 minutes)


The Discovery Session is for first timers. This is the beginning of something big for you. This is the first step of the Spiritual Divorce (SDT) ® process and your breakthrough. The point of the Discovery Session is to dive in, understand and break down and heal the different stories and create awareness of what we will be working on during your SDT® transformations.

Our protocol is unique, strategic and powerful. Your transformation begins as soon as you click BOOK NOW.


The Discovery session includes four steps:

First Step: Write an Entanglement Letter and send to [email protected] (instructions will be sent upon booking).

Second step: Joyce will analyze your letter and create a plan for your breakthrough.

Third step: Together during the initial session, The Mapping Method will be used and your forms of entanglements will be addressed and discussed before the alchemy session.

Fourth step: Alchemy session. This is an interactive session in a relaxed state.

First timers will have the option to choose our 1-Session Discovery, 3-Session shift, 8-Session Evolution, or 12-Session Breakthrough. Please note that whichever package you choose you will go through the Discovery session protocol.

The Discovery Session is for awareness and healing before the full commitment to the transformation, you will feel immediate effects as you open up to the process. The Shift 3-Session is to deepen and improve specific aspects or distorted realities in your life as you shift more. The Evolution 8-session not only will help you work on different aspects of your life, but to create new realities as you evolve. The Breakthrough 12-Session will send you on a breakthrough AHA ride on every aspect of your life as we work through, improve, and create a strategic plan of action into an optimal you.


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